Insta - Friday

I haven’t done this in a while, decided to dump the photos from my phone and create a collage of the weeks happenings.

2012-01-19 001

Left to Right:

1. B trying on her new winter hat from the Bestie.
2. Older two playing dress-up.
3. B loves this little bunny from my LSB group on BBC, she was having so much fun anytime the bunny would get close to her mouth!
4. Date night with the Hubs – Texas Roadhouse enjoying a Jamaican Cowboy followed by seeing Contraband at the theater.
5. My Mom and me created mini 5x7 cookbooks for the family, of my Gramma’s regular/favorite recipes for each of us to have.  I decided to make her Marble Brownie cake for my Mom’s birthday celebration.
6. There they are straight from the oven.
7. E & A going around the house on E’s scooter.
8. On Sunday my Mom gave me 2 of my Gramma’s rings, this 1st one was her mother’s ring – which just so happens to be the exact months of my 3 babies, my Gramma and me have so many connections, we shared a birthday and our 3 kids were born in the same months, I hope as I get older I will be more like her.
9.  The bottom band with the round diamonds was hers as well.
10. I decided 1/2 a year was plenty of time and I needed to finish B’s quilt and got’er done this week.
11. Getting a picture of B on her finished quilt.
12. Yummy dinner last night – tried the Supreme version of pancakes on the Bisquik box with blueberry syrup, they were a MEGA hit!

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Amber - Binkertation said...

LOVE Love LOVE it!!! Your photos exude happiness and I especially love the one of you enjoying the mega-sized adult beverage ;) You just look so pretty and happy!