Happy 4 Months Brynlee!

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Whew – time is flying by.  Wanted to do this monthly letter last month but the days just slipped by and before I knew it, it was the 20th again and your 4 months.  You are growing rapidly now a days.  New bigger sized clothes you just got for Christmas are already starting to get too small on you.  You had a check-up this week and your stats are as follow – 16lbs 15ozs & 25 1/2” – high 80%, low 90% on the charts, just like your older two sisters. 

You have definitely established a nap and eating schedule, which makes me one happy mama!   You are very particular with how you like to be held, we hold you sideways and you bury your head in the crook of our elbow and against our body and then we pat your bottom.  The past couple weeks you’ve started mostly sleeping through the night.  I say mostly, because some nights you wake up, but if we put your nunny back in your mouth you go right back to sleep.  You did have a couple nights (2 weeks ago) of randomly waking back up for a bottle.  You wake up happy in the mornings and are content to play with your mirror/light-up fish.

The past week you’ve really started to do some new things.  You roll from your tummy to your back.  Have great head control.  You prefer to sit in your walker or bumbo.  You grab the toys on your walker and have started grabbing some rattles and other little toys and bringing them to your mouth.  You also love nomming on your fingers and hands – you are such a little drool bucket.  It’s fun seeing you hit all of these milestones.  I can’t believe you are already reaching them, which makes them even more bittersweet since you are our last baby. 

Can’t wait to see what’s coming in the next month.

Love you so much baby girl -
the Mama


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Myya said...

Every time I see her name I love it even more. Ahhh she is such a cutie. Happy 4 month little lady :)