DIY–Coffee Table

So about a year ago my parents picked up a 5 drawer blue print cabinet for $5 at an auction.  They offered it to the Hubs to re-vamp and sell.  We don’t have a picture of the true before, here’s an in progress shot.


At this point in the process, the Hubs had cut the depth in half, re-configured the sides for the new depth, and started sanding.  And we decided instead of 5 small drawers, he should make them into 3.  It looks like five, but drawers 2 & 3 and 4 & 5 were combined to make bigger drawers. 


This is after the piece was sanded, minus the center ovals, those are the original wood color.  Back when the Hubs was with the carpenter’s union he did a job on a cooling tower at Hershey Park.  They were trashing all of this 20+ yr old redwood and said that he could take some.  This is what he made the top and legs out of. 

So, this piece has sat like this in his parents garage for about a year, time got away from him.  I’m so glad he did and he didn’t sell it.  Because one day last week it clicked that we could make this into a coffee table for our living room, especially now that we separated our sectional couches and have room for it (will update on this next week). 

The Hubs picked up the piece and brought it home so he could put some polyurethane coats on it and 4 wheels for the bottom instead of the legs.  Here’s how it looks now.




We all are loving the new addition to the living room and the start of our living room transformation planned for this year.  And I can already picture this in the future, when we move, with the original legs the Hubs planned and it being a great entryway piece.

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4you-withlove said...

Well done!

June@I will craft said...

Great makeover - I'd love to find something like this for only $5!

Myya said...

I want one just like that! That is PERFECT for a coffee table. Bonus is all the extra storage space :)

the cape on the corner said...

that is awesome. i love that the drawers are bigger than you made them seem. genius!

Katie said...

I love how this looks! What an awesome coffee table! You guys did a great job!