Weekend Re-Cap

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend celebrating America’s 235th Birthday!!!

Here’s a little re-cap of ours:

- The girls’ got hit with some strange 24 hour fever, extreme fatigue, Miss A on Thursday and Miss E’s Friday – Saturday.
- Friday afternoon consisted of some cooking/baking, mini cherry/peach/plain cheesecakes, pickled eggs, seasoned pretzels, cinnamon sugar pie dough cookies = EPIC fail of a recipe!
- Friday & Saturday, two friends had their little bundles of joy.  Congrats Amber (old school friend/bloggy friend) and Moe (on-line mom group).
- Saturday the 2nd, the Hubs & I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary!  Oh, and by celebrated I mean he worked until 7pm, where we then rushed off to my Aunt’s annual cookout and came home around 10pm, with 2 very tired little girls.  We have a date night planned for tomorrow night though!


- Sunday, I’ve officially entered the 3rd trimester.  Holy cow, the countdown is getting closer and closer!
- Sunday night we watched Hall Pass.  It was really funny and I’ll admit to completely covering my face at one part, haha!
- Today was spent poolside at the Hubs Gparents.  Love days like that!

- The Hubs picked up some fireworks this a.m. that we set off with the oldest.  She enjoyed them a lot!
- My Uncle bought the oldest some special extra long rainbow sparklers to bring home.  She was doing one tonight during our own little fireworks show in the back yard.  The Hubs & I were taking that picture above of us and the last inch in a half flew off her stick on our blanket!  So glad none of us got hurt and sad to see that blanket have to be trashed.



Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!

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