DIY Fountain

A couple of weeks ago, the family and I headed into Joann’s so I could pick up some fabric for the baby.  Hubs was immediately drawn to the 70% off clearance sign over some big heavy flower pots.  After finding two different sized versions of the same coloring he threw out the idea of making a water fountain for our big flower bed, as it’s sparse and could use something like that in it. 

The big pot originally marked $80, came down to $23, and the smaller pot originally marked $50, came down to $15.  Our house is older and we have no outside electrical outlets.  So, the next day he headed to one of our local hardware stores and bought all of the electrical things needed and a pump to make the fountain a fountain. 

Before starting on the electrical, my Uncle (who is an electrician) stopped by so the Hubs could double check everything he had planned and make sure that it was the right way to do it and it’d be up to code.  As not only is the fountain an improvement to the garden, but the added outdoor outlets is an upgrade to our house.  He gave us some supplies so we were able to return over $100 to the hardware store.

Overall, shopping and working time it only took the Hubs 1 day to complete this project. Total Cost = under $200

Now for some pics:
IMG_8488Here’s a shot of the pots positioned next to the outlet the Hubs installed.  He also painted some Kilz Primer we had on hand on the insides of the pots. 

IMG_8489Containers of rocks I picked up at Target.  Still need to get one more jar.

Shot of the Hubs filling the pots for it’s test run below.



Overall, am so glad the Hubs thought this up.  We love hearing the fountain, especially during the many night time swing sessions the Hubs and I have in the yard.   And we finally got around to getting our mulch this past week, so it definitely looks more finished instead of the dirt look we have going on above.
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