29 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy Review: How far along: 29 wks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: Am up 7lbs total.

Maternity clothes?: Yes please!

Strech marks?: Nothing new thank goodness.

Sleep: In the past week the horrible hip pain has started, plus sleep is interrupted 2-3 times to wake up and go to the bathroom.  Oh well, at least this time around, it didn't hit until the 3rd trimester, unlike Miss A's pregnancy.

Best moment this week: Had my appt yesterday, that Dr, unlike Dr. McDoucheNozzle last time, said that I was doing really well with my weight gain.  Plus, I had my 2 hr glucose yesterday and was able to keep it down, didn't hear anything today, so as long as I don't get a call tomorrow, that means I actually passed this pregnancy! 

Movement: She's becoming much more active.

Food cravings:  Baked sweets, bagels w/ strawberry cream cheese, corn are my major foods lately.

Gender: GIRL

What I miss: Knock out cold sleep.

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? No change, still an innie.

What I am looking forward to: Now that we have the rooms planned out, looking forward to putting it all into action and the finished product. 

Weekly Wisdom:
- Again about sneezing, but when getting ready to go to the bathroom and you have to sneeze, it's really really not a good mix. 
- 10 o'clock hour bedtimes are becoming a must. 

Milestones: Hello 3rd trimester!!! 



Myya said...

What a fantastic pregnancy update post! I wish I would have done something like this while I was pregnant. So fun!!!

Ruby ★ said...

I literally LOL'd at the sneezing thing - except if the sneezing doesn't get me, it makes the baby start jumping on my bladder (she's not a fan of my sneezing!) & then THAT gets me - it's a lose lose lol!

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

I still cross my legs when I sneeze!! LOL! I love reading your updates. Yay for the 3rd trimester... you're in the home stretch now!! =)