Cell Phoneagraphy–Wk 2

2011-07-24 001

Breakdown of the week:
1. Temps were seriously ridiculous in the 100’s, but the kiddo’s were driving me batty, some outdoor water table fun was called for!
2. Quilt front finished!
3. I convinced the Hubs (who is a very good sewer) to sew together the long panels I had already pieced together.
4. Youngest being silly with smiles.
5. Pool fun needed to cool off at the Great-Grandparents.
6. In the words of the oldest “Super Duper Yummy” dinner, pulled pork sandwiches (McCormick’s BBQ crockpot seasoning packet)  and loaded red potatoes.
7. Youngest had fun with the fwd facing camera on the cell.
8. Oldest had VBS all week, it was a sports theme, she did cheerleading, this is the last night.
9. The Bestie came over for a visit with her little man, Oldest is getting some practice in for when Baby B arrives.
10. They sit like this a lot, so cute.
11. Checking out her new kick’s.  Every 3 months we are having to buy bigger shoes.
12. Enjoying popcorn cake (popcorn, marshmallow, pretzels, and m&m’s) that the Bestie brought on her visit earlier in the week.
13. Sunday’s are cleaning day around here, and Oldest decided to clear out each shelf of toys and use the swiffer duster, when the Youngest woke from nap she wanted to join in the fun too.
14. Close-up.
15. Youngest saying “Ta-Da” after one of her dances.

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