Yard Sale Finds

This past Saturday we were heading over to my parents for the day and there happened to be a community yard sale in the neighborhood behind their house so we decided to check out it and see if we can find any goodies.

Here’s the loot:


Here’s what we got, 5 pairs of sleepers & 2 outfits for Brynlee, some cute wall plaques for the nursery and a bank for Brynlee, 2 outfits for Avalynn, 1 outfit for Emma, 3 wreath forms, glass jug, necklace kit, coloring book and a kid’s reading book, and a bamboo frame (anyone else notice how much bamboo is popping up over blogland?). 

All for a Grand Total: $20

Do you love to yard sale?  Find any deals this past weekend?

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Amber - Binkertation said...

I haven't checked out a yard sale in forever - something I LOVED doing as a kid/teen - great finds for you!!! Makes me want to get out there this weekend :)