Pickled Egg Recipe

This is one of the last recipe’s I got from Gramma, when she was still in the hospital around Easter.  And I’ve honestly, made a small batch of them almost every week since. 

Here’s the ingredients:  Sugar, Vinegar, Eggs, Beets, Red Dye (Optional), Jar


- Strain the beet juice from the jar into a pan.
- Fill the jar back up half way and strain into the pan, leave beets in the jar.
- 1/4 cup sugar
- 1/4 cup vinegar
- Drop or two of red dye.

Heat ingredients until all are dissolved.  I personally, dump the eggs in first, then the beats and pour the mixture over everything.

I let mine pickle for 2 days before eating them, twice a day I flip the eggs around with a spoon.  Depending on your jar, you might be able to flip it upside down, I can’t with mine. 

*Edited to Add: as the question was asked, yes you keep these in the refrigerator until ready to serve. *

This will be the perfect addition to your summer cookouts this year, Enjoy!

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Rachel said...

Clueless about pickled eggs...does it need to be refrigerated? Thinking Father's Day gift from my 3 yr old to her grandpa.