June’s Mission


We all have those things we want to learn, hobbies to pick up, habits to start, decorate that space you’ve been wanting to, those last 5lbs you’ve been wanting to lose etc, Kelle, Enjoying the Small Things,  is vowing to lace up her running shoes everday for the month of June and threw out the challenge to her reader’s as well.

I’ve been in a schlump of not crafting, organizing, doing house projects.  And while looking back on 2011 and comparing to all we had done already in 2010 I was feeling myself get down, as it hasn’t been much.  We have tons on our plate the next couple months, with major room re-do’s & switcheroo’s, among other things. 

So, I thought hard about what I wanted to tackle for June and I’m making myself do something extra around the house everyday.  So far, this is what I’ve accomplished, finally packing away the Easter decorations (say what? you don’t keep yours out until after Memorial day?!), gave my shelves and dining room buffets a summery update, have been de-cluttering/organizing the kitchen counters, junk drawers, bedroom closets, basement shelves, dining room buffets, staying on top of weeding the flower beds, coming up with new crafts for the oldest.  Even though it’s just one small thing a day – it feels good to have something accomplished be doing something that makes me feel good.  Can’t wait to see what else I accomplish around here through the rest of June. 

Are you going to tackle something you’ve been wanting to this month? 

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