Friday Confessions


It’s that time of the week again, you know you want to get it all out there…

I confess…the Hubs is amazing in my eyes.  He ended up having an 18 1/2 hr work day, getting home past 1 am, got less than 4 hrs of sleep and is off to work for the day without so much as a complaint really. 

I confess…I could live off of only these foods lately: any kind of chicken dish and if there is leftover chicken it goes right into chicken salad, pickled eggs, cinnamon applesauce, whole wheat bagels with strawberry cream cheese, mini white powdered donuts, sweet potato fries, and lastly tomato & basil wheat thins, frozen dove dark chocolates, Martin's BBQ popcorn, and nuts - pistachio's/peanuts/sunflower seeds. 

I confess…I feel at a loss lately on how to parent my 4 year old, who honestly acts like she’s 14 (over the weekend I had 2 people say how her moods/emotions are like a teenager)!  We’ve entered a whole new phase of meltdowns over the littlest things.  And a very down attitude about doing things or rather that she’ll never be able to do such and such (things she’s too young for or just hasn’t tried/learned yet).

I confess…the down attitude about doing anything is what concerns me the most.  One thing I want my girls’ to grow up knowing about themselves is that they can do anything they want to, they are beautiful and smart, I want them to have confidence in themselves, their skills, and if they don’t know how to do something, they will set about to learn.  Yes I know their will be failures along they way, but in the end I know that they can succeed in anything they want to.

I confess…I hope Miss A is feeling better, she spiked a temp after nap yesterday and basically just wanted to snuggle all night, even though I must say the snuggle’s were so nice!

I confess…over the long weekend we went to the pool and when getting my new maternity swim suit I hadn’t really thought about where the straps were.  Lesson learned to not buy a suit that doesn’t have straps that go the same as bra straps.  I got burned and needless the say today is the 1st day I’m not in pain.

I confess...I'm afraid I really screwed up my blog, when my domain expired I made a blogspot address until I had the time to sit down and figure everything out and now many of my links are coming up with error's.  Anyone have experience with this or suggestions?  It says it takes up to 3 days, so am hoping all will go back to normal at the end of those 3 days.


Jill said...

My 2-year-old niece is a little miss "touch-me-not" - totally independent, doesn't like hugs, and snuggles are unheard of. But one of my best afternoons with her was when I was babysitting, she came down with a fever, and wanted nothing more than to sleep in my arms. Hated that she was sick, but loved the snuggle time - so I can relate :)

Adrienne said...

OH! That domain expiring thing just happened to me!! I was so confused and lost. I asked my blog designer to help me. She's wonderful!!! She charged me like $15 to put everything back to normal. Did you renew your domain? You should be able to do that. It was diffiuclt to figure out, but I'm so glad I went to the trouble. Ask me if you need any help! :)

Ruby ★ said...

from one preggo to another - your food list made me drool! =)

Zara said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Sounds like you have an amazing husband and a handful of a daughter. :-)

Have a great Friday!!!!

Emmy said...

Sorry about the sunburn-ouch! It sounds like our husbands have the same awful work schedules sometimes.

And I am right there with you on the 4 year old.. except mine has the attitude and totally thinks she can do it all and she is always right and no one should tell her what to do. Yea- so not looking forward to her being a teenager

Vivian said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hear you about the 4 going on 14. Can I just tell you it gets even worse???
But what I feel it's important at the long run is that as parents we did the best we could :)

Dee said...

BBQ Popcorn?? That sounds yummy lol!

Bridget said...

My guy was a little pessimist at that age...I was worried for a while ;)

I ordered a new swimsuit for our vacation next month and I can not wait to get it!!!

Thaks so much for stopping by my blog today and hope you have a great weekend!

Stacie said...

Love sweet potato fries and definitely going to have to try the wheat thins, never had that flavor.

Impulsive Addict said...

Your food choices is making my mouth water like you wouldn't believe. I guess I'm hungry at 12:45am!

I think my 1.5 year old acts like a teenage girl too. This makes me very scared for when she actually becomes a teenager.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Mamarazzi said...

first of all i LOVE that i saw you comment on everyone's confessions today (right?) THAT is awesome!!

i wish i had suggestions for your blog, that is a serious bummer.

bummer on the sunburn, feel better!

thanks for linking up and for visiting so many people.

Brenna said...

I have an 8 yr old daughter and I often find myself wondering where my sweet little girl went! I hate to say she is preteen cause she is still so young but she sures acts like a preteen alot!

Forgetfulone said...

Hope your sunburn is better. And congrats on your pregnancy!

I have teenage girls, and they can be moody with a capital M! One minute they think you're crazy, and the next minute they want to tell you they love you and cuddle with you.

And your post made me hungry for Dove! And donuts! Love those melt-in-your-mouth things!