Rest of May Re-Cap


As mentioned in an earlier post that my sweet Gramma was battling her final days.  May 20th she joined our Lord.  It’s still shocking to me that she was only alive for 3 1/2 weeks, after hearing the diagnosis from her Dr’s that the cancer had spread extensively.  And the last two weeks, she mostly just slept, only rare moments of her opening her eyes.  I’m grateful for those last days I got to spend with her holding her hand.  Remember my last conversation with her over the phone.  Everyday something reminds me of her which makes it feel as though she’s here with us. 

Gramma's Urn

I haven’t had to deal with a death of a family member since I was just a little kid.  It feels pretty much unreal and just sort-of numbing.  Thankfully, I have some pretty amazing people in my life who were/still are there for me! Thank you to each of you!!

We spent lots of great time with family throughout the month of May.  Our Memorial Weekend didn’t officially start until the Hubs was done working Sunday, his weekends are Mon-Wed.  But we had our parents pick up the girls and I for some picnic’ing fun (we’re a one vehicle family) or the oldest for sleepovers.  Here’s the rest of our month in some pictures:

IMG_8209     IMG_8235

IMG_8216     IMG_8218

IMG_8271     IMG_8266

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Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Kat, I'm so sorry for your loss. {{Hugs}}