DIY - Inexpensive Wall Art

We re-painted our bathroom in February and I needed some new wall decor on the cheap.  My Aunt gave me two nice big black picture frames with nice double matting in them that she didn't want anymore.  And while, I was out at the craft store a couple weeks ago I browsed the aisles looking for something inexpensive to fill in a picture frame with.  I happened across the $1.99 fabric squares and loved this mosaic one I found.  In my excitement to get started I forgot to take a before picture.

Items Needed:
- Paint & foam brush
- Spray adhesive
- Fabric
- Arm muscle

I painted the black frame white, color I had on hand.  Then I separated the matting as I just wanted the top one to show as it's white.  Sprayed the black matting and fabric with the spray adhesive.  Smoothed it on and then folded it tight around the back.  Sprayed white matting to attach to the fabric front and popped it in the frame.

I love the colors and they bring out the green in my new paint color, as depending on the light it sometimes looked green, blue or gray and I wanted it to have that green look all the time.

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