Theme-A-Day Blog Journal - Day 20

Today's Prompt - Hardest thing you've ever had to deal with?

Miscarriages - 4 of them to be exact.  One before Little One and 3 after before we were blessed with Baby Girl.  Each of them affected me differently.  They were at all during the 1st trimester but some early, middle, and late part of it.  The last two put me into a deep depression.  I got some help through meds and was at a point where I was okay with Little One being our only child and I feel so very blessed that last Memorial weekend I took that pregnancy test that showed it was positive and now we have Baby Girl.  In these situations no one really knows what you are going through unless they have also.  All people mean well when they say things but many of them are hurtful and just make you angry.  Top thing that bothered me the most was "You have one already, be thankful for her".  I am, but that doesn't take away the want/need to give her a sibling, to complete our family.  For my 24th birthday I got a tattoo on the of my inside right ankle, a pair of simple black angel wings.  They are there to remember my lost babies.  I can honestly say that it really helped in my healing process.  October 15th is National Infant/Pregnancy Loss Day, 7pm you light a candle to remember, and every year I light one for each lost baby.


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