New things in the "R" Household

Last Monday, our prayers got answered and the Hubs got a phone call from the union about a job, to report and start Wednesday.

Pros - A job finally after being laid off for 8 months.  It's supposed to last 4-6 months and by the time, hopefully one of the other couple BIG jobs the union says is coming will be started and he can just transition straight to one of them.

Cons -  3 hour round trip commute.  That is no fun.

But I have the best Hubby and he's sucking it up and doing it for his family.

So, the beginning of the week was spent enjoying our last 2 full days with the Hubs.  We did random house stuff and ran errands that needed done, as we are a one vehicle family, needed to make sure I have what we need here since he'll have the car.

Tuesday we got Miss E's hair cut.  She was way overdue for a good trim, plus we've entered a stage where she's starting to chew on her hair?!  I don't know - but we had enough of that, so got it cut up to her shoulders.

The girls' morning of the Miss E's hair cut.

Before Shot.

After shot.

The end of the week went well, was able to give attention to both girls', get my cleaning schedule back on track and have a cooked meal on the table for when the Hubs came home.  It was nice getting back into a routine.  


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