One of the worse days in a LONG time!

Last night I had started our beach vacay re-cap and planned on finishing it early this am after Baby Girl's morning feeding, but as it would have it my body had a different plan.

I should have known today wasn't going to be a great day, as right after her morning feeding, Baby A jerked her head and my ring snagged on her earring ripping it out of her poor ear.  The back was bleeding but otherwise I didn't see a tear.  I felt so horrible, so I promptly took off my rings and put them in the jewelry box, they will have to be on a small sabatical.

Then I started having this severe pain in my left front abdomen.  It just kept getting worse between the pain then started the chills and hot sweats along with nausea and some vomiting.  I called the Dr's office around 8:30 and the soonest they could see me was 10am.  By 9 after I took a quick shower and got myself dressed I told the Hubs he needed to get the girls' ready, we were heading to the ER because I just couldn't handle it anymore.  I really wish that when you are in severe pain, they'd move a little bit faster in the ER.  I mean really - who wants to sit there for 20-30 minutes waiting.  Alls I wanted was for them to check me out and give me something for the pain.

Finally after I was taken to a room the Dr. came in and said he thought it could be a kidney stone and they wanted to do a CT Scan.  Right before I headed up for the scan my main great decreased.  They did find that it was indeed a kidney stone, I had passed it through to my bladder and got some pain meds along with the directions for what to do at home until it officially passed through.  I wouldn't wish any of that pain on anyone.  I truly hope I'm one of those people that has one - ever in their life!  Guess we'll find out what the test lab finds out and if I'm told to change my diet or watch out for certain things.  I can only think of the best.

So, needless to say the day felt like it was shot as we didn't even get home until 1pm.  Had some lunch, napped while the girls' napped and have just had a relaxing evening with the girls' and Hubby.  Now, I'm laying in bed and trying to get some blog posts done.  I have so much to share, two DIY/Craft projects, beach stuff, 4th things, day trips and some hard parenting questions that we all ask ourselves.  It feels good to be back!


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