Finally back...

Our beach vacation was wonderful!!!  We decided to drive home during the night because of the girls' sleeping and then we were hit with a weekend of 4th of July festivities and this past week just be re-couperating.  Seriously, who'd have thunk you need a vacation after vacation.  I know that in my mind I was looking forward to some relaxing time at the beach, but then once there, there was just SO MUCH I wanted to cram into the week that we were running non-stop from early morning to late at night.  The girls' were amazing, even though their sleep schedules were thrown off including many missed naps.  I can't wait to go back again.

Now that we are all rested up again I'm now starting to feel like I can go back to my day-to-day routine.  We went to the beach 4 days, a whole day at a water park, boardwalk 5 nights, some good photo booth shots, games/rides, outlet shopping, mini golf, frozen custard/shaved ice, celebrated 5 year wedding anniversary, and saw an amazing sunrise on our last day.

Now for just a few pictures, I'll try not to boggle down the post with too many even though I think the girls' are so adorable!

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