90% COMPLETE-D Nursery

It took us a while to get moving on Baby A's nursery - I remember being done months before with Little One's.  We had it all early and set up.

This week we went out and got the last of the necessities and odds & ends that help complete the room.  Honestly the most difficult thing was finding some curtains, I ended up getting shears with some blackout curtains behind them.  Only thing left to do is for me to do my canvas wall art project at some point, get her name made to hang above the crib and a small shelf for the wall.

So, happy with how it's turned out - love walking into her room now.  Everyday I take some time and sit in the rocking chair and just look around and think about her and how are lives & family will be changing going from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

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