Baby Sprinkle & Quarter Century Bdays – eeks!

What a fun jammed packed weekend we had!!!  Saturday afternoon both sides of our family threw a Baby Sprinkle for us.  We have wonderful family and friends and got lots of wonderful things for Avalynn’s arrival. 


My mom came up with some great game ideas – most I hadn’t played before so that was a nice change up.

1. How big is my belly?  Everyone cut ribbon in the length they thought would make it. 

2. Name that Baby -  You were told the animal and you had to write down what a baby of that animal is.  Ex: Dog = Puppy, Owl = Owlette, etc.  There were some tough ones thrown in there too.

3. Baby’s Price is Right – Items, had to guess the price of the item without going over, closest got a point, most points won.

4. Baby Memory – It’s a memory game, but the matches were a pregnacy term & a candy associated with it.  Ex. Umbilical Cord – Match – Twizzlers, Non-lactating Breasts – Match – Milk Duds.  And then you won the candy of the match you made.  Fun, fun!


Here’s some pictures of the festivities:

             IMG_4086.1 IMG_4122.1





This afternoon I spent the afternoon opening up everything and putting it all away.  Makes me even more excited for her arrival!  Now sometime later this week we just need to get her car seat and other miscellaneous items that we need. Could I procrastinate any longer?  She literally can come at anytime now!


On Sunday, I celebrated my 25th Birthday.  Age has never bothered me, I’ve always been one to laugh at people who freak out or the ones who are turning 29 for 10+ years etc.  But man, last week it just sort-of hit me like a ton of breaks.  Perhaps because it’s like I’m “fully” adult aged now.  I don’t know – I just know that today I’m feeling better about it all, because I really don’t want to freak out about a number anyways.

The Hubs and little one made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and I got these beautiful roses.


The day was a pretty low key day, which was perfectly fine with me! And to end our relaxing day had to take a picture with The Hubs and little one. 

  IMG_4187.1   IMG_4185.1

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