Baby, Baby Time - 12 days time!

At this weeks appt we were told that they definitely planned to induce labor @ 39 weeks.  Woo-hoo, finally have a time table on when things are going to happen, of course Avalynn could always come on her own, but by the latest she should be here by the 27th of January. On the 25th they will be doing the gel softening stuff and then the 26th will be getting pitocin.  So - am hoping for the 26th but if she's a long labor then it could last until the 27th I suppose.

Pregnancy Review: 
How far along: 37 weeks 2 days.

Total weight gain/loss: 21 lbs - thank goodness only a week in a half left!

Maternity clothes?: Affirmative.

Strech marks?: No new ones.

Sleep: What a joke - I have about 2 nights a week where I'm so tired that I'll zonk our for the night. Otherwise it's more like naps and up for a couple hours.

Best moment this week: Getting the dates for inducing!
Movement: Yes, yes, yes - I want her to start slowing down, b/c then normally that means they are getting ready to come out. 
Food cravings: Pasta this week, although feel like everything I eat/drink gives me horrible heartburn.

Gender: 110% GIRL
What I miss: sleeping on my side/tummy, not having to scoot, shake and boogie my way off of the couch, being able to tie my own shoes.  

Labor Signs: Nope - still having some braxton hicks but that's it.

Belly Button in or out? It sticks out a little bit.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing Emma with her and for Hubby and me to finally hold her in our arms!

Weekly Wisdom: Ask for help, at this point you just can't do it all yourself!
Milestones: Everyday is a milestone - I'm beyond done with this pregnancy!

P.S. I wanted to thank you all for your couch input from below.  We did decide to go with #2 and now we are inpatiently waiting the 8 weeks for it to come in.  Can't wait to show you our living room transformation once it's here!!!  

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