Annual Polar Bear Dip

Almost 5 years ago my Aunt moved back to Pennsylvania after living in California for almost 20 years!  When she bought her property along the creek she decided on Jan 1st to have a Polar Bear Dip.  At first this started with just family and friends.  Two years ago she linked up with Canine Corps and yesterday was the 2nd annual Polar Bear Dip for Canine Corps.  Donations were taken as monetary and supplies the facility needs such as blankets and paper towels. 

I have yet to participate in the dip, Hubby, little one and me are always on the sidelines cheering them on and sometimes we are the towel holders to hand off as they come back on to land.  Most of all it's so much fun to watch their faces as they take the plunge.  Here's some pictures of the Dippers this year.




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