Monday, Monday

How was your weekend?  I hope well!  The "R" house has come down with some yucky summer cold, started with The Hubs beginning of the week, Oldest started getting it middle of the week, and I got it by the end.  Thankfully, Baby Girl hasn't gotten it yet.  Even though I was feeling under the weather, it was definitely a productive weekend still.  

Did some re-organizing of our two hot spots in the kitchen, can you guess what they are?  The plasticware cupboard and our pantry.  I didn't take Before pics but here are the After's. 

Plasticware - Stacked containers into each other and then the lids are in another pile, this saves a lot of room! Purged the containers that were missing their other half and ones that we just don't use.  

Pantry Closet with Labels of how I organized it all.

We took a break Saturday morning and had a Mommy, Daddy, Little One date to see Despicable Me.  It was so nice to get out and spend some one on one time with Little One! 

Last week my hunt for a 9-10 drawer long dresser to be re-habed for our dining room finally came and for only $20.  So, the Hubs picked it up for me and we disassembled some of our current dining room furniture and I had a primer painting party on Sunday. 


And we ended the weekend with some yummy fresh strawberries picked up at the Market Sunday. 

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything around the house? 


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Vic said...

I soooo need to do more organizing:) love strawberries...we had some too:)