Happy 7 Months Avalynn!

Baby Girl,

Wow - you're 7 months today.  We're officially over the hump of you being an infant baby and are on the other side entering into toddlerhood.  This is when I dig in my heels and say "NO", stay where you are!  Lols.

You my dear wonderful little girl are still not sleeping through the night.  Well, you did one night this past month, thankfully - because I was really sick with a summer cold and needed the rest.  I say it's because I asked your Daddy to wake up with you and you didn't want that!  Haha.  We did CIO (cry it out) with you this month and now I lay you down awake for naps and bedtime, half the time you fuss for a minute or so and then you are quiet and out.  Our lives are so much easier now that you can put yourself to sleep now, although I will admit to missing our rocking sessions occasionally.

You are eating two meals a day now - almost a whole size 2 jar at each feeding.  Some days I feel like you nurse a little and other days I feel like we're back to nursing all the time.  We also started giving you a sippy cup last week with some water.  You love holding onto the handles and chomping on the tip, but don't get that you have to tilt/hold up the cup to get the water unless Daddy or I helps you.  And we've been giving you some puffs and cheerios for you to practice picking up little items.  You pick it up and go to put it in your mouth and then it falls on your belly without you realizing it, it's cute!

You are starting to laugh out loud a lot more.  You love when your Sissy dances towards you - you start squealing and giggling so loud!  It's one of the most beautiful sounds!  Speaking of squealing, you love to make this high pitched squealing noise, reminds me of a bird, you go from that and making razberries especially at dinner when we're all around the table.

Yesterday you really started to crawl forward, you do best on our bed, I think because it's so soft and you don't like the hardwood floors.  You now pull yourself up on your knees when in your crib and are starting to go for the breakables, aka my elephant collection.  You can almost sit yourself back up from laying down and can go from sitting to the crawling position.  Amazing the changes in you, in just the past week.

We had your 6 month check up, you weigh 20lbs(95%^) and are 27 1/2in(90%) long.  We discussed you not sleeping through the night with your Ped and she said you had 4 teeth coming in.  You have cut 2 of them so far.  They weren't the most fun couple nights either.  You were normal all day long and then would be up screaming half the night, needless to say I'm glad we're over that hump.  Although on the other hand, I keep waiting for those other 2 to pop through, just hope you're not in as much pain as you were the first time.

We took you on your first camping trip this past weekend.  You slept horribly there, took us 2 hours each night to get you go to sleep & the 1st night you thought it'd be fun to stay awake for 2 hours after your feeding.  Otherwise you enjoyed being in your pack'n'play outside, playing in the grass, and hanging out at the pool.

I'm sure many more things will be changing in the next month and look forward to each of them. Here's a couple pictures of you from the past couple days.




Vic said...

what a happy day:) the photos aren't uploading so i'll have to check back on this little sugar pie:)

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Happy 7 months little girl!! I love that last photo of her... it's the dimples that get me!

Nya's mom said...

Aww. She is adorable! My little girl just turned seven months, too, so I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks for sharing!