A Whirlwind of

new beginnings in the "R" household.  Two weeks ago, on a whim the Hubs sent an email to a local motorcycle shop, he was browsing their website & saw they were hiring.  As I've said in the past year, it's been tough - he's only worked about 4 months in the past year.  He's a carpenter for the Local Union, had gone to trade school in high school for it, completed the program through the union, it's all he's ever known how to do.  So, this is a complete 180 from what he's done, but something he's interested in.

The sales manager at the shop used to work in the same union and got out for the same reasons.  The owner and him liked the Hubs and within 4 days of the email being sent they hired him.  So far, the Hubs really likes it and the interaction with people.  After 2 days they sent him for his sales license.  Needless to say it's been a huge adjustment around here.  The days are Tuesday - Saturday & the hours are open to close, plus 30 mins prior to opening and after closing.

Last week was rough, as I've gotten used to him being around to help with the girls' and we've entered into the sleep strike of hell with Avalynn the last two weeks.   Anyways, I'm getting over the overwhelmed phase and the girls' and me are getting into a groove.

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