'Cause if she wanna rock, she rock,

if she wanna roll, she rolls.  When trying to title this post Eric Hutchinson's Rock & Roll song popped in my head.  It's catchy, although the rest of the song doesn't apply really, but it's an up beat song.

Anyways, on to the exciting news.  Friday night we got home from running errands and I put Baby Girl on her tummy since she hadn't had any tummy time yet that day and right away she rolled over.  Unfortunately, the Hubs didn't get to see it as he was out watering the plants.  Saturday morning we decided to lay her down and see if she'd do it again and she did it 4x's!  I wasn't totally ready for this, it's like in the past week she's completely changed.  When laying on her back she rolls to her side, she loves laying like this.  And she now kicks her legs and hips up and basically moves her body in circles around the blanket on the floor.  I remember the first time, all of a sudden she was the opposite direction I had laid her down.

Amazing how fast time goes when you have kids, and I feel like it's going by even faster with her for some reason.  This is me digging my heals in and trying to get time to slow down some.

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