Happy 4 Months Avalynn!

Baby Girl,

Wow - I can't believe another month has flown by.  Feels like this past month has been slow and fast all at the same time.  You, my beautiful little girl have given me a challenge or two in the past few weeks.  You do not like to go down for your naps, which makes a very overtired baby who just yells and screams and takes Mommy & Daddy hours to get you to sleep.  The vacuum seems to make you stop crying, so on one really bad day I would just have it running beside your swing.  We'll have a good week and then a bad week with your naps.  I "think", ahem *hope* and *pray*, that we have it figured out,  with a routine for you and what works the best.  You are becoming a belly sleeper which scares the crap-o-la out of me, but we have a monitor the ticks with your breaths so this gives me peace of mind.  You still aren't sleeping through the night, some nights you get up once and others twice, there is no telling why it's one way or the other.

You are rolling over like a champ from your belly to your back.  And from your back you can roll to your side and almost all the way to your belly, minus getting that inner arm out from under you.  You have really started using your legs and are kicking like crazy.  You still LOVE chomping away on your fingers and hands.  Your whole face and shirts get soaked from all of the slobber you create.  It's very cute though.  You have started grabbing your feet, so I have a feeling it'll be no time at all until they start making their way to your mouth also.

Unfortunately,  this week we've decided we had to stop cloth diapering you as for the past two months you get a rash whenever we try.  I've scoured the internet and cloth diapering boards for some advice and have tried different things but to no avail none of it seems to be working.  This really saddens me.

Happy 4 Months Baby Girl - you brighten every day for us!


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