Weekend Wrap-UP

What a nice weekend it's been. I swear even though I don't "technically" go to work during the week anymore, there's just something about those weekend's that makes the time even more enjoyable.

Little one has pretty much completely made the transfer to a toddler bed. This is a good transition b/c once in the new house she'll be in a twin bed. Only down side - is she keeps waking me up earlier and earlier - today it was 6:02, the sun wasn't even up yet! - although I think another part of today's was she really wanted to see Landyn b/c the first words out of her mouth were Can I play with him now? I told her tonight that if it's dark she needs to stay in bed, lols, we'll see how tomorrow morning goes.

Want to wish my sister-in-law a Happy 20th Birthday today!

We celebrated today with my cousin and his family on his son's baptism. It's always nice to visit the family - especially since we don't get to see each other very often.

Now for the pictures:

Little one on her first night in the new converted toddler bed.
Gramma with her two Great-Granbabies, she looks so happy!
He is just so adorable!!!
Emma holding him - this just proves to me more that she is going to be a rockin' BIG Sister!

Mom, Sister & the 2 little ones. Something was very funny!
Landyn & me.

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