Prenatal Appt & Other such non-sense

Had my scheduled 16 week appt this morning. All is well and the baby sounds great. Next appt and the BIG u/s is scheduled for 9.11.09, we can't wait! While there I rummaged through the magazine racks on the wall to see if I wanted any of the freebies offered. Picked up two. When I got home I was flipping through and two ad's caught my attention and alls I could think was WTF? Are these items for real?

The 1st one I'd like to bring up is the Tummy Tub USA. (See picture below) Now I don't know about you but the first thing that came to my mind was those 5 gallon buckets that have the warnings to not let your kids in them with water b/c of risk of drowning. Seems very similar. But this site says it's stressfree for the baby, they adopt the fetal position, and this is good up until 18 months. I just don't really see the ease of actually washing the baby in this or feeling really safe using it.

This next one literally had me laughing out loud, just trying to envision the comfortableness of it. It's called the Kush Support, (See picture below). This product offers comfort for C-cup breasts or larger, proper spine alignment, side sleeprs, breast impants, pregnancy, nursing mothers, menstrual cycles. Perhaps it's me but when I think of my gi-normous breasts - I just don't see this staying in place - yet according to the testimonials this little thing is amazing.

I think a lot of this is in how the ads are done - what are your thoughts? Would you consider using either of these?

*I have not seen or tested either of these products - these ramblings are just from seeing the ads in a magazine and the humor I found in them. *


Brianna said...

that second one cracks me up! My boobs are pretty big but I don't understand how that would help me any. :)

Michaela said...

Congrats on the appointment!! I've got a long way to go, but am counting down the weeks til the big appointment too!! (It'll be in November arghhh!!)
I have a cousin who is a midwife in Germany and she swears by those tubs - my sis bathed my niece in it when she was 4 months old and she loved it (they were over there on vacation).
As for the boob kush... lmao!! Are they for real?!

Kathleen said...

The tub thing is just becoming more intriguing - perhaps I just don't see it for newborns.

Trudy said...

The boob thing is really quite funny. The tub thing could be the way the advertisement is, it doesn't look very safe in the picture. Hmm?

Since I'm new to your blog, congratulations on your pregnancy, my husband and I are also TTC. Is this your first? Sorry, I could probably read more of your blog to find out!