I never...

want to go through selling a house again in my life! It's so stressful. Why does no one really share this tid bit? I mean really - perhaps it's me but I'm getting annoyed at some of the buyers and our realtor.

  • Our agents office calls yesterday morning @ 10:20 to see if someone can look at our house @ 10:30. Um - that gives me exactly 10 minutes, I have a toddler and hubs (who is still laid off) and me are both home, the house is not "show" ready. Not only that but it specifically says in our file for 24 hrs notice. I had them push it to 11, because honestly I just needed time to straighten up the house, and then the people decided to re-schedule for later in the week.
  • Buyers who give a 2 hour frame for the showing, and then don't even show up until the end of those 2 hours and are still there afterwards, I only know this b/c we stopped by the house after an hour hoping they would have come already. It's hard trying to find things that can be entertaining for a toddler and cost no money for that length of time, especially over dinnertime, again have I mentioned the hubs is laid off = no money.
  • Perhaps it's just pregnancy hormones but I just feel like people do not think about the seller at all. When we looked we showed up promptly at the time we asked/scheduled for. And I just really don't feel like continuing to bend over backwards.
  • Our realtor is a total dunce! I can't wait until the beginning of October when our contract runs out and we can find someone new if the house isn't sold by then. She's so forgetful, and has forgotten to tell us about showings. Last time it happened I had company over and everything!
I also know that you want the house to look as big as possible, show off it's better aspects - we were supposed to move in July,which has unfortunately been post-poned until I have no clue! So majority of our house is in boxes stacked against the walls, under the dining room table, our basement only has a small pathway. Perhaps, if we could just get out of this house then I wouldn't be feeling like this. I just hate having disarray in my life, and miss my "home", we are only living in a house at this moment. And to top it off - I freak out more as the pregnacy progresses - this fall is going to fly by and then it will be baby time!

Sorry to be a debbie downer but I do feel a little better now.


Linda said...

My daughter and her family have been waiting over a year and just sold their house. And there were so many ups and downs so I feel for you. Plus the house they wanted sold 2 weeks before they sold theirs. So they had to find a Plan B which they had not even considered! Ended up quite well however and they got an even better house for less money! They are doing the happy dance! Keep the faith...and try to put things in perspective. But you are also doing the right thing by getting another realtor. That is what our kids ultimately had to do.

*Kat* said...

Thanks for the encouragement - just some days it all gets to me.

I'm glad to hear that everything has worked out for your daughter finally - sounds like they had a long road of it too.