What? Dill Green Beans?!

I get a call from my Gram today inviting us over for ham, green beans, and potatoes. Yum Yum. So Emma and me get there, Gram asks me how many cans to put in, I said I'd put 3 of them in. She can only fit two, but decides to dump in the 3rd can after we all dish up so there will be more room. So, we're eating outside, I take in Emma's plate and get a little bit more for myself. I sit down and take a bite.

Me: OMG...it's super hot! (trying to cover my open fanning mouth with my napkin not very successfully)
::I take a bite of the green beans, and woah do these taste funny, they are like super sweet and sour!::
Me: These green beans taste funny. Is it brown sugar or something?
Pap: They probably aren't cooked yet.
Me: No, they are like super sweet or something.
Gram: They are dill beans.
Pap & Me: Huh? Dill?
Gram: Yeah they are speciality green beans.

Gram then takes Emma in to get some ice cream.

Me: Well, enjoy those leftover's Pap!

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