The Roller Coaster of Hell from this week...

The week started as a high, and lots of ups and downs through the middle of the week and I've decided this morning that this weekend is going to be the up of my week.

To sum it up, this person, who I have now named the Bastard but will refer to him as "B" from here on out, hacked into my paypal account. And bought a character for the PC game World of War Craft for $1200. Now I only found out what the "B" was purchasing when the police officer asked the seller in a phone conversation yesterday. And of course all of us were just dumbfounded that people pay up to $2500 for these characters on this game. I mean seriously...I want to learn and partake in this lucrative business if the money is that good! So, anyways, the police officer said that a detective will most likely be contacting me in a few days, and they might end up forwarding it to the FBI since they have Dept's that specialize in these cases. So, in the end I just want the "B" caught and punished somehow.

And in other news Commerce Bank is horrible! I called them Thursday to put a stop payment on my account so that the $1200 wouldn't hit and we wouldn't be screwed with no money. I was told I had to physically go into a branch and fill out a form and pay a $25 fee. So, I do it Thursday before heading into work. Yesterday (Friday) I check my account and the $1200 has hit our account, locking up all of our money. I call them and they can't find the form I did the day before. So, we end up going into the branch last night, here the guy had me fill in the wrong form. And because it was "after" hours at this point we now have no access to our money until Tuesday. Then we are going into the bank and closing all accounts with Commerce and opening up new ones with a different bank.

So, in other news, this is my last week of my first session back at school. Then starting on Monday I'll be taking two classes. Am looking forward to getting into some actual material with my degree that I'm doing for.

Today we did yard work and played with Emma outside. She's down for nap now, which means that I should be working on school work and turning in my last assignments. Tomorrow we are heading to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore so am looking forward to that. Will have lots of pictures to post tomorrow.

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