What a Week - This & THAT

:: This past week has flown by.  The Hubs' had his vasectomy on Monday, so he has been off work all week.  So, that definitely threw a wrench into my normal weekly routine.  He's doing well and recovering well. 
 - Hubby was a champ and drove himself to the appt - I was surprised when he refused to let me take him.
 - We went through a jumbo bag of frozen peas.
 - I'll be glad when the next two months is over and he can send back in his test sample. 
 - YAY for it being my last month on the pill. 
 - And I'll leave the discussion of the vasectomy with this one liner I saw:  
       "I like my men like I like my watermelon - hard and seedless"  <~ Cracks me up! 

:: Also had A's 2 yr check-up and B's 4 month check-up.  Both had perfect check-ups and are healthy and on target for what they are doing.  B is all out of whack from her shots, Friday night she fought me to be laid down in her bed until after 2am, that little stinker would be out and wake up as soon as I'd lay her down.  Saturday night the battle ended around 11pm.  Am shooting for 9-10pm tonight.  

:: Valentine's was a hit around here with some homemade pink pancakes, turkey bacon and pink milk for breakfast.  Older two girls got some Lalaloopsy dolls, B got a book.  E had a great party at school and after going through the cards and separating the tattoos and candy.  We had to keep her crush's card to her, she gets all googly eyes and blushes when we start questioning her about him.  SO not ready for those days.  

:: Hubs took me out to dinner for Vday Friday night.  It was yummy and fun.  While at the restaurant we ran into an old friend of mine from youth group and they have a 1 yr old.  She was saying how she saw the other baby in the waiting area and was thinking how much she missed her little guy.  I just started laughing and was like NOT ME.  It got me to thinking how when it was just E, missed her like crazy when we'd go out just us.  But now with 3, I look forward to dropping them off and just having some adult time.  How funny it changes as they get older and you have more kids. 

:: We didn't get that snow storm they were predicting and today was actually a nice day.  We decided to test out A & B's new double stroller.  Am so in love with it!  We got this one here.  A threw a fit in the store, when we tried to take her out of the one they had out to test.  She just kept saying over and over "MINE!".  It was so cute and funny.  A & B zonked out.  

:: I've been enjoying some fluff reading lately.  And had to share this author, Anna Mara, I got her first book off of the free kindle list back in the fall and have been keeping my eye open for anymore books by her coming out.  This one came out end of 2011, Why Rome Hates Juliet, had me laughing out loud through the majority of it.  If you have a Kindle and want to read it, I believe I can "share/lend" it out.  

:: I made the most AMAZING banana bread this week - recipe to come next week.  

:: Also happening this week, we, aka the Hubs is FINALLY going to finish ripping the carpet off of our stairs ( this has only been on hold for 7 months! ) 

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Amber - Binkertation said...

Hey! You've been busy! Thanks for the vasectomy info - we're looking into that for the future... ;)

Banana bread is my fav - can't wait for the recipe.

Pink pancakes sound scrumptious! I copped out and just bought a heart donut.

I totally know what you mean about getting out with the kids - I'm sure it's even more true when you have 3, 2 of whom are less than 2 years apart!

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

My husband has been mentioning the "V" word around here a lot lately, but I don't know if I'm ready for that step just yet!
I'm right there with you on the getting out bit - i just have to make sure that I don't run to get out of the house on date nights! ;)