Zumba Anyone?

So, a couple weeks ago, MIL asked me if I'd be interested in doing a night exercise class of some sort with her. With my evening work schedule one of the only ones that would work was an Intro to Basic Zumba with Yoga/Pilates Fusion. What is Zumba do you ask? Latin Dancing. The instrutor explains if the first time you go through a song, then we just did the song again no instruction, we did 3 songs like that, and 1 with just instruction. By the end of February we'll learn 9-10 dances, and in a class period we'll just go from song to song to song, to re-instruction. Here's a video I found. <-Click on that link! But honestly, I was a little scared the first song, there was some kind of a crow, and our instructor would yell out "Kawkaw" (that is supposed to be a crow sound) and flap her arms like wings. I couldn't even look at MIL or else I'd lose it, but in the end it was a really fun class!

My thoughts, your heart gets a pumping, my sides and legs were hurting by the end of each song. And who doesn't like finding some new movements especially with their hips. I know the hubs liked the few moves I showed him when I got home.

So, I think if you have the chance, take a Zumba class, the time flies by, you have fun and get a great cardio workout!


Jamie said...

I've heard of Zumba, that sounds like fun...I'll have to find a class and try it out (and hope I don't kill myself, hehe).

As far as the scrabble pendants, they are so fun to make. Just time consuming because there are many steps and waiting for things to dry, etc. I used mod podge on the paper and diamond glaze to top it off and make it shiny and to seal it. I couldn't find it in any of my local craft stores so I actually bought it from Etsy. Hope this helps...let me know if I can help anymore. And hope you and your fam are doing well :-)

Deann said...

OMG that looks like fun! I love to dance so that would be right up my alley!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

Linda said...

My daughter does Zumba and loves it!

I left you an award today! ~Linda


Island Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am fully recovered, thanks for asking!

I love, love, love Zumba! At first I was skeptical, but it's so much fun and a great workout!!

I got my shoes at a local store called the Trak Shak, but I'm sure you can find a locally own running store that does basically the same thing as far as fitting your foot. I highly recommend doing it; I've been wearing the wrong shoes for years!!

Jessica said...

Well I didnt even try to watch the video because I am on BLAH dare I say dial-up...but it does sound like you are having fun going to dance class with your MIL. It is great that you and your Mother in Law are so close...I am close with my Mother in Law as well!