The Hiatus must come to an End...

I can't believe it's been practically 3 weeks since my last post, I haven't even been reading up on anyone, I have much much catching up to do.

Our Christmas was wonderful. We are so lucky and very blessed by our loved ones. We had our final Christmas last weekend. Still have some presents to put away and outside decorations to take down, but all in time right?

New Year's was a great time spent with friends. And New Year's day we got to witness my aunt's annual polar bear dip in front of her house. Too cold for us though. And spent the afternoon at Sesame Street Live.

Today, is my birthday, turned the big 2-4! Woo-HOO! I took the plunge and finally got my tattoo that I've been wanting. It's beautiful and I love it. Unfortunately bad weather canceled our original plans but the day turned out wonderful anyways.

For some reason on birthdays and perhaps it's just because it's the new year, it's a time for reflections and things I want to change.

- I finally feel like I'm in a good place, and that feels good!
- I'm putting my health up to the top of my list. Am getting serious about making myself and my family healthy!
- This year I'm going to finish decluttering my house. November and December I really started and in this process of getting out all of that junk, I've finally fallen in love with our home and it is a home, no longer just a house. I love being here.
- Venturing on new and exciting things such as opening an Etsy store with my dear friend Deann, will keep posted on the grand opening and everything.
- Being more serious with our money and getting us back on budget, I did so well the end of last year and the past month or so have fallen off of the wagon some. Time to hop back on.
- Taking more time for my friends and family members.

It feels good to get all of these things down and out. I myself and heading up to bed, tons of pictures I'll be sharing throughout the week of our holidays, room flips, some projects, awesome homemade gifts we got and bday celebrations.


Shauna said...

So happy you are back! L♥ve Ya L♥ts! ♥ Hugs :)

Ms. Cupcake said...

Dropping by from sits. Happy Sunday. I added to your blog followers. Glad to hear you're starting your year off on a positive note.

Rachael said...

^Thanks for the visit!

Love your blog.....Happy Birthday and congratulations on your tattoo! I have so many friends that do that for their birthdays and I think it is a really neat idea!!!

Zen Ventures said...

oh Tattoo! You're my girl! Is that the one in the side bar?

Jessica said...

Oh...Happy Birthday to you (2 days late sorry...haven't been on here much since I was sick the other day). Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

The polar bear dip sounds freezing!!!

Deann said...

Love, love, love the tattoo!! Glad you are back blogging!!