Crazy Clutter Keeps Taking Over

So, the end of last year I saw that Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick was going to be hosting a Mission to Organize & DeClutter. I got excited becasue this is right up my alley. My house desparately needs it. I mean Yes, I occasionally do rooms. Like last spring I did our room, the little ones, room and our spare room, which really is the craft room/our dressers, and the catch all of all catch alls. The end of 2008 we decided to flip flop rooms with our daughter and actually headed down to the basement to get it clean so our spare room can officially be a spare room. Which has just made the bug even bigger to be completely organized.

My Hot Spots that Need IMMDIATE attention:
- The Bathroom Closet, which is all bathroom ammenities, plus cleaning supplies for the house.
- The Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers - I just do not even want to go there, a lot of wasted space for stuff we just DO NOT USE!
- The buffets in my dining room, you can bet that any misc. stuff just gets tossed into the puppies so am a little scared to see what will be lurking.
- The back half of the basement which consists of Emma's Clothes she's grown out of and all of those big spaced Baby Toy/Items. How is it that one little person can accumulate SO MUCH!!!

Not only that but I swear clutter just begins to suffocate you. It really is so nice to go through things, get rid of what you don't use and then be able to really enjoy the space.

Are you the Type of Person who just CAN'T throw things out/Donate them?

- You must. If you've never used, haven't used it in the last 6 months etc. then get rid of it. Decide whether it's actual trash or to be donated, sold at consignment, or hold a big yard sale. You will feel better as you get rid of things.

I personally do not have a problem holding on to things, you can tell when I'm cleaning out, because I accumulate bags and bags (the 60 gallon bags) out on my porch to be tossed or taken to my gramma's for a yard sale this spring. I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood knows on trash day when we line it all up. Lols, but in the end it feels good! Sentimental things are different, and even then there comes a time if they are just taking over but packed away and not enjoying them, get rid of them! I personally love filling up bags of stuff that are leaving my house one way or another and getting it out!

So, who wants to join in on the fun? You know you want to. Your home, family and you will be happier and enjoy it all the more at the end! So join the Mission with me and let's share our tips & tricks.


Linda said...

I know what you mean about the clutter. I cleaned out a cupboard over the weekend and I was exhilarated! Ahhh...it's the little things!
I find that magazines tend to accumulate. You know the ones...they have a recipe that you will "definitely" try someday. If I haven't looked at them in about 6months, they are history. Take a bag of them to your doctor or dentist's office. Donate some to a nursing home. Just don't throw them out...recycle them for someone else to read!

Kathleen said...

What a great idea on donating the magazines! I have two baskets that keep staring at me when I'm in the living room I must go through them.

Tiffany said...

I love to declutter - well, not the actual task, but the result. We moved about 6 months ago and I got rid of soooo much stuff. I need to do it all again though.

Zen Ventures said...

I have the same problem. It's crazy. It will be one of my photo feature tom for DeCode Wednesday. Come join me if you can :)

Zen Ventures
Tosty Brown

Deann said...

You know I need to declutter our garage/shop..LOL! Been living here over 6 months and STILL have boxes out there that we haven't gone through. I really need to get it done before summer so that will be my goal!

{ashley b} said...

oh i am serious need or organizing. i've been slowly doing one space at a time since after christmas and it feels SO good! i just need to get through the rest of the house. and then i am sure there will be new issues. gotta love the never ending cycle!