1st Week Down

So, last Monday Emma started Kindergarten!  The question I'm sure every parent asks when their kid is hitting another milestone - where has the time gone?!  I feel like I just had her and now she's getting on a bus twice a day leaving and coming back to me.  So, of course we had to do the 1st day of school pictures - see below. 

Let's be honest I was also a little nervous to see how the younger two would be with her gone.  As Avalynn kept having meltdowns when we'd talk about Emma going to school.  Thankfully all has been smooth - at least for the 1st week.  ;o)  But we are all 3 excited when it's time to go pick her up at the bus stop. 

For now it's been fun packing her lunches, been using big cookie cutters for her sandwiches, and trying to make the sides healthy and fun as well. Ask me that question in a couple months and we'll see if my answer is still the same. 

And I have to say I'm glad last week was only a 4 day week for her and this week will be a 4 day week as well, because let me tell you, she was exhausted by Friday, getting used to all day school.  

Have to share a funny story as we are waiting for her bus to arrive Emma and me had this conversation: 
Emma - "Go ahead, start crying"
Me - "What?!" 
Emma - "You said you're going to be sad when I leave, go ahead and cry now"
Me - "I'm not sad, I'm very excited for you!"

And I held it together, teared up for a couple seconds when she left me to get in line for the bus and that was it. 

I'm going to end this post with this text I sent to the bestie after she boarded the bus and rode away.  "Not going to lie, when the bus left I sort-of wish I had my van to make sure she actually arrived at school!  First time mom problems!" 

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