EEKs...a week!

So, I have no clue where the past week has gone but we've been busy!!!  And I'm feeling the busy-ness continue through this week too. Here's what we've been up to.

We got baby girl's room painted and her bed ready.  Still have to get curtains, shelving, and some other odds and ends, but the spare room is no longer and it's now Avalynn's.

Making a village of gingerbread houses. This was our first year not going out to buy a kit.  We melted some sugar over the stove top (**TIP: use an old pan you don't really care about, and use cold water and a hard scraper to get it out of your pan**) to attach the graham pieces to one another.  And for the icing just did a mixture of milk and 10x sugar (**TIP: little bit of milk goes a long way**)  This was little one's first year decorating one all by herself.  I think my favorite thing was whenever she'd get icing on her fingers, this would follow "OOPS, need to clean it off" and lickety lick she'd go to town.


We got our first significant snowfall, appox. 6 inches.  Little one had a blast sledding and making snow angels.  Love her face in these, her joy is contagious.


During the snowstorm we had our first family Christmas to go to.  It was a blast.  Here is one of the games we played.  Your partner had to wrap you in a bag full of random goodies.  Here are some of the following entries.


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